Submit Your Film
The Standard Print treats each Block of films as a curated experience. If accepted, your film will be programmed on our website along with five other films to create one of these Blocks. We also offer the opportunity to include your film as part of our shorts program at international festivals and other cultural events.
What We Look For Delight us with smart stylistic choices, attention to detail, and playfulness of form. Surprise us with a unique sense of rhythm and composition. We are open to all genres and subjects, provided they are approached in a thought-provoking and visually engaging manner. We strive to highlight filmmakers with a really unique eye, sensibility, humor and perspective. We want imaginative work inspired by the details of every-day life, because we believe that films focusing on specific realities resonate universally.
All fees are currently being waived until June 30, 2020. Submit your film for free today! – Submit your film to The Standard Print with this simple online submission process. Standard Submissions are $25  and regular fees will be reinstated in July.