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We are proud to announce a Short Film program especially curated for the San Diego Latino Film Festival. By drawing from our ever expanding slate of international talent, we offer a kaleidoscope of cinematic experiences, reflecting the personal and social concerns of six of the most promising filmmakers from Latin America and beyond.

La Migala 

Nursing a broken heart, a man with arachnophobia buys a poisonous bird spider and sets it free in his apartment.

Everybody’s Nuts

In California’s San Joaquin Valley agriculture and oil power the local economy. When immigrant farm laborers decide where to live because of where they work, adverse effects on their well-being may soon follow. ‘Everybody’s Nuts’ documents the collision of symbiotic worlds This scenario in the forgotten landscape between Los Angeles and San Francisco



Cyra, a girl suffers because of a seed that got stuck inside of her body and has started to grow. Her grandfather is trying to protect her from rejection and discrimination in the town where they live taking her to a better place.



Bia is a teenager just like the others: she’s into rock, handball and blood.


En La Luz Del Sol Brillante

Bernardo faces a duel against Antonio. Later, in the middle of the desert, he meets Sebastian, a young man who needs his help. What at first appears to be an uneventful encounter gradually turns into something far more intense, when they spend a day and a night together.


Contra El Mar

Despite his wife’s disapproval, Hector bides his time as a deep-sea diver to provide for his family and to save for his own fishing boat. But after an accident at sea, Hector is forced to confront the deadly nature of his profession while weighing the responsibilities to his family.



The Standard Print Short-Film Block at San Diego Latino Film Festival
March 21 and 22 – 4:30-6:30

Media Arts Center San Diego’s Digital Gym
2921 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92104

To purchase tickets visit
$11.50 for general admission, $8.50 for Digital Gym members

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