a film by Fabian Euresti


In California’s San Joaquin Valley agriculture and oil power the local economy. When immigrant farm laborers decide where to live because of where they work, adverse effects on their well-being may soon follow. ‘Everybody’s Nuts’ documents the collision of symbiotic worlds This scenario in the forgotten landscape between Los Angeles and San Francisco.



Wonderfully understated and deeply haunting, Everybody’s Nuts seems to have come into the world almost surreptitiously. As Fabian Euresti himself confesses, it all happened when he was stuck at his parents’ home north of Bakersfield and bored to death. Euresti decided to grab his ‘point and shoot’ camera and began taking pictures of locations for a fictional film project. While playing with his camera, he discovered that it had a motion picture function. At that moment, he began shooting simple videos that would end up telling a story that would hit far closer to home than he had ever imagined—Euresti’s unconscious had secretly worked its magic.

Something about Euresti’s creative process reminds me of the “film notes” Pier Paolo Pasolini used to take for future narrative projects. These simple sketches became poetic, layered film essays capturing a working artist’s encounter with a specific place in a unique point in time. Like Pasolini’s notes, the simplicity and transparency of Fabian Euresti’s process only adds to his film’s poetic power.

While Euresti could have easily delivered his voice-over in English, he instead chose an unequivocally Mexican Spanish. This helps to seal his singular perspective, as a Mexican-American filmmaker who grew up in a land owned by others, but tilled and shaped by his parents’ hands. If the landscapes in Everybody’s Nuts could speak any language, it would clearly be the one Euresti draws from to express himself. This is the language of his parents and of the countless migrant workers that work every day to survive, as they play a key role in fueling California’s agricultural economy.  The narration in Everybody’s Nuts strikes a wonderful balance between the political and personal, while mysteriously transforming very real and tangible landscapes to tell a timeless story that strikes a metaphysical note.