Our mission is to present and archive short-form cinematic works by emerging filmmakers. Although the selected films reflect an array of genres, styles and themes, they share a unified standard. Apart from achieving a high-level of craft, the quality of these works is measured by their authenticity of purpose, their engagement with cinematic discourse, and their capacity to offer an inspired and culturally relevant glimpse into, and expression of the world they set out to capture and/or create.

The stewards of The Standard Print believe that art is a fundamental dimension of human experience. This is why we have created a streamlined online site that offers curated film programs that will remain free and accessible to the public.

Along with showcasing the selected films online, we also share them at festivals, independently operated art house theaters, and public television networks. Every film we select becomes part of The Standard Print family. This means that even after the work is no longer part of the current block, it still remains accessible to audiences who can discover or revisit it at any time.

The Standard Print aims to remain current with technological advancements to preserve the work in its most pristine state, and maintain the highest standard in the viewing experience. Although many of our filmmakers will go on to make bigger films, we view these short gems not as “calling cards” or stepping stones, but as fully realized stand alone cultural artifacts whose value we are confident will continue to grow over time.

With all this in mind, we implement the web to cross-reference interesting personal, historical, geographical, and cinematic data that connect and keep these works vital.